How Much is My Truck Worth

Aug 15, 2011

If you are looking to sell your truck, the first thing that you will want to know is "how much is my truck worth?"  Nobody can seriously consider selling their truck before they have figured that out. I once made the mistake of saying to my friend "I am going to sell my truck". He replied "I'd be interested, how much do you want for it?" I hadn't even thought of it and tongue tied, I gave a price well below what I should have. My friend then said "Cool, I will take it off you!"

Fortunately, I managed to make my excuses but this is the first thing to consider for sure. The challenge is that many websites offering prices for cars may not be able to offer you as good a price for cars. They don't always have the expertise nor the ability to easily resell it.

Fear not though. Most of the major players in the market place who buy cars, will also buy trucks. The Kelley Blue Book have their own "Truck Blue Book" website. We can also value a truck just as easily as a car. Just visit our homepage and have all of your trucks details to hand; year, make, model, age, specification, mileage, etc. Truck VIN numbers work just as well. You can value your truck by VIN number by clicking the link on our homepage.

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