Jul 16, 2011

We’d like to suggest an alternative to anyone thinking of getting a title loan on their car:

  1. Sell your car to webuyanycar.com and release the full value of your car immediately!
  2. Get a Zip Car membership so you can save $00’s each month on ownership and still have access to a car!

Christopher Neiger of CNN claimed that “It's not an exaggeration to see 250% APR and higher on these car title loans and only a handful of states have passed strict laws that prohibit exorbitant percentage rates.”

So what are car title loans and why would anyone think of using one?

When you get short on money, which in the present economic climate means you are hardly alone, a car title loan can seem like a really good idea. Across the United States, terms may vary in line with individual state regulations but the basic principle remains the same. You have to sign over the title of your car as security for the loan and the car title loan company gives you cash in return. Interest rates are often extremely high. This is attractive for many people because there’s rarely ever a credit or income check carried out. Many according to Neiger will require full repayment within 30 days.

A search on Google for the term “car title loan Philadelphia” shows an absolute plethora of companies dedicated to offering these services so there is plenty of competition out there. It’s also worth considering the value of your car against the amount of the loan. The last thing anyone would want is a highly valuable car being lost to pay a small loan amount. Here at webuyanycar.com, we have noticed a number of people visiting our website who have been considering a car title loan.

How are we different to a car title loan?

The main difference is that we buy the car outright at any one of our branches across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Firstly, visit our website at www.webuyanycarusa.com and enter your vehicle details to get a quick valuation. If you like the price offered, then make an appointment. Its pretty simple. If you are thinking "how can I sell my car?" then please visit our homepage to get a valuation.

The advantage is that we are expert purchasers of cars, so once the car is sold to us you will immediately receive a check from us in exchange. However, we acknowledge that you are selling it to us, so you can’t use the car anymore, nor do you have the option to buy it back if you can get the money to pay it.

Ways of still having access to a car without owning one

However, this may not be such a huge disadvantage that you first thought. Whilst Americans love their cars, zipcar.com is showing many of us that there’s an alternative to car ownership that still gives the benefits of car use. Their website claims that by car sharing, the average user saves around $500 per month and takes the 15 cars off the road, which helps the environment! So by selling your car to us, you get the cash and by using a car club such as Zipcar, you could save money and help the environment.

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