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Used Car Values Free Online in 60 Seconds

Used car values are available from many websites including Kelley Blue Book®,® and AutoTrader®. These are a useful guide if you're selling a used car and need a valuation, but you'll still need to find someone to buy your car - that's where we can help! When you come to We Buy Any Car® for a used car valuation, we give you an accurate value that takes into account your car's mileage and condition and lets you declare any damage on your car.

How We Generate Used Car Prices

All we do is buy used cars. So our team of experts is dedicated to monitoring car prices on an almost instant basis. Our pricing model is built to analyze millions of data points to determine the current market value of nearly all used cars on the market. The automotive industry is filled with different used car shoppers. With so many car buyers out there, finding the most accurate values for your used vehicles can be intimidating.

It is important to research market values when selling your used car. Since we are buying directly from consumers, we are able to help you get your car sold in about one hour. When estimating your retail value, we only need a little bit of information. Make, mileage, and trim levels of your vehicle are the most important things. From there we will need a brief description of the vehicle condition. This valuation is not a price guarantee, but if you fill out the info as honestly as possible, you can expect to receive the most money possible for your vehicle.

Skip the Car Trade in, Sell to We Buy Any Car®

Trading your car to a dealership might seem like the normal thing to do, but often times the dealer is going to try to immediately sell you another vehicle. Not all sellers are looking for a new car. Doing a car trade in might get you a little more money for your vehicle, but it could hurt the car worth in the long run. When buying a new car, dealers will often pressure buyers into optional equipment and expensive car incentives like warranties and expensive car insurance. At we pay you with a check, and you can spend how you like!

Also, a lot of people expect to get more money going the private seller route. This sometimes can be true, and may feel like you're getting a fair price, but selling your used vehicle to a private party can come with some added headaches. Buying your car directly from a private party can make the car buying experience last much longer than needed. You may find a seller willing to pay more for your used vehicle, but the paperwork and title transactions can make this a challenge. Makes Selling your Car a Breeze

Established in 2006 in the UK and in 2011 in the USA, we are one of the world's largest buyers of used cars from the public and buy thousands of cars each week. We are not like traditional used car dealers because we don't sell cars. You can rest assured that when you deal with We Buy Any Car®, our sole objective is to give you a fast, fair and safe transaction. As a family-owned business, we have a set of core values and promise to deliver outstanding customer service.

Retail transactions can be a headache. That's why we will purchase your car in about one hour. Our speedy buying process is just one example of our great customer service. Our goal is always to pay you fair market value for your vehicle, and walking out of our location with a check in hand.

So don't delay, get your free 60 second online used car valuation now from - where selling your car is fast, safe and fair and used car values are always free.