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How Much is My Car Worth? Get Your Free Online Car Valuation Now!

How Much is My Car Worth? For anyone selling a used car, it's value is the first thing to research. We can tell you how much your used car is worth in seconds. Better still, unlike online car price guides, we can buy your car when you are ready to sell. We Buy Any Car® is the leading buyer of used cars and buys thousands of cars each week, taking the hassle and risk out of the car selling process for vehicle owners who value their time and security. We want to buy your car whether it is a brand new vehicle you regret buying, or a high mileage used car, our goal is to make consumers happy about doing business with us. Even if you're not ready to sell your car today, we will be happy to give you a free online valuation with no obligation to sell.

Pricing information is compiled from millions of data points by a team of expert analysts who study used car values. Unlike other dealers, we don't use online used car pricing guides. When you value your car at, we'll give you an honest valuation based on up-to-the-minute industry data that truly reflects your car's value - and we'll back that up with hard cash. To get the most accurate trade in value, it is important to know the body style and trim levels of your used vehicle. Other well-known online price guides spend millions of dollars promoting themselves as impartial "blue book value" guides. In reality, these companies are lead-generators who make millions of dollars selling leads to car dealers by enticing you into their dealerships with an inflated valuation you're unlikely to get.

Car trade in values are also often used to offset the price of a new car at the dealership. Instead of receiving money for your old car, dealerships expect you to put that trade in price to the payment of your new vehicle. While this can sometimes benefit consumers, it can sometimes hurt the true trade value of their vehicle. At, we pay you the full cost of your car and you can expect a check for your vehicle in about one hour.

When you trade in your car, the dealer will most likely pressure you into buying one of their vehicles for sale. Not everyone who sells their car is looking to purchase a new one. The dealer's goal is to pay you a fair price, but expect to make a sale in return. Trading in can put pressure on the seller and at we take that stress out of selling your vehicle.

What factors can affect used car values?

There are a variety of factors that can impact used car values. The current market value can sometimes vary from a private party value. Our up to date pricing models take many factors in the automotive industry into account when generating a retail value for your used or new car. Our main goal is to assess local market conditions to come up with the most accurate values and offer a fair price on your used vehicle, regardless of vehicle condition. We Buy Any Car takes the headache out of a private party trade in.

Believe it or not, the trade in value of used cars can fluctuate seasonally. The supply and demand of the used car market is always changing. If you own a 4x4 or SUV, remember that when there is bad weather or gas prices are low, these vehicles can appreciate considerably. Convertibles always command a high demand in Summer and especially when the Sun is shining. This time of year Make sure you are not missing out by selling your car as the market is about to change and sell the car on its benefits. A car's worth can vary also by where you choose to sell. If I choose to sell my convertible in New York during the winter months I'll get less cash for my car than I would if I were to drive it to Florida and sell it there. That's an extreme example but it shows how selling your car at the right time can add hundreds of dollars in value to the seller.

How Does We Buy Any Car Determine Fair Market Value?

When valuating your car's value, will analyze a myriad of data points to attempt to purchase your car for more money than the other used car shoppers on the market today. Retail transactions and the car trade business can be complicated, that's why our goal is to give you fair market pricing information for your used car.

When estimating your trade in cost, we look at a few pieces of information regarding your vehicle, in order to pay the most we can. The first valuation is based off of make, model, and mileage. When it is time to visit a physical location, expect our branch manager to give a quick service on your car. They will give a check of the interior and exterior before continuing with the sale.

Skip a Used Car Trade in, and Get a Full Check from We Buy Any Car Today!

When you've got a good idea of how much your used car's value and have decided to sell, make sure you set a firm minimum at which you will let the car go. There's nothing worse when selling an item or looking for investment, when someone surprises you with the magic question "so how much do you want for it" only to find yourself completely tongue tied! We always want the seller to feel like they are getting paid a competitive market value for their used vehicle. Of course you could always sell the car fast, safe and fair at a local branch in under an hour, with an official offer today.