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Answering the question "How much is my car worth?" can be tricky. From trim levels to location, there are many things that are going to affect the value of your used vehicle. Selling your car can be a long process, and there are many places you can sell used cars. From used car dealers to private buyers, getting a fair price for your used can be intimidating. The automotive industry is always changing, and monitoring local market conditions can help you stay aware of how prices may be changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Private Sale Differ from a Dealer Trade In?

A: Selling your car to a private party typically will garner a higher price, but can come with some headaches. Trading in to a dealer, or going with a company that buys cars, will make the selling and title transfer process a breeze.

How Quickly Does My Vehicle Depreciate in Value?

A: There is no clear-cut answer on how quickly a vehicle depreciates its value. The old adage of "It loses 50% as soon as you drive off the lot" is not always true and it varies from vehicle to vehicle. The more you take care of your car, the more it could be worth down the road!

What factors can affect used car values?

A: Believe it or not, the trade-in value of used cars can fluctuate seasonally. The supply and demand of the used car market is always changing. If you own a 4x4 or SUV, remember that when there is bad weather or gas prices are low, these vehicles can appreciate considerably. Convertibles always command a high demand in Summer and especially when the Sun is shining.

Can I Sell a Car With an Existing Loan?

A: Yes! We will take care of any existing loans or financing on the vehicle. If your vehicle's worth is more than the loan, you will get the balance as a check. If you owe more on the vehicle than what it is sold for, we can apply the full price of the vehicle to the loan, and you will need to pay off the rest.

How Can I Find My Car's Value?

It is important to know as much information as possible about your vehicle. Knowing the body style, and vehicle condition will give you more accurate values. There are many resources out there to take this information and compare it to the current market trends, and give you up-to-date pricing information. Knowing your vehicle identification number (VIN) can help gather as much information on your car as possible.

Where Can I Find My Vin?

Your Vehicle Identification Number can usually be found in one of two spots. First is the driver-side windshield. The VIN is often located below the inspection sticker. If it is not there, you can check the driver's-side door jamb. The VIN is a good thing to know and can give you some more concrete information when getting your car valuated.

How Does We Buy Any Car Determine Fair Market Value?

When valuating your car's value, will analyze a myriad of data points, including a physical inspection of the vehicle’s condition in order to make you a fair offer. Retail transactions and used car dealers make things complicated, often times they also want to sell you a car. The duel transactions means they can use fuzzy math to make you feel like you got a great deal. Our goal is to provide transparency and provide a fair marketing price that you are educated about and feel comfortable with.

When estimating your vehicle’s value, we look at a few pieces of information regarding your vehicle, in order to pay the most we can. The first valuation is based on make, model, and mileage. When it is time to visit a physical location, our Branch Managers will perform a quick inspection. We always invite customers to join us during this process. Branch Managers will give a check of the interior and exterior before continuing with the purchase.

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