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Understanding Car Valuations

Car values are constantly changing. There is never a blanket estimate for any vehicle, and it is important to stay on top of many trends when thinking about selling a vehicle. We always recommend doing research, and getting a few valuation estimates on your car before deciding to sell. Below you will find some helpful frequently asked questions regarding getting the most accurate valuations possible.

Where Can I Find the Value of My Car?

The internet has made it easier than ever to get an idea as to how much your car is worth. There are a variety of free online resources to determine the value of your vehicle. Most of these sites take in millions of data points to give you the most accurate value possible. It is key to be as honest as possible when entering in your car's condition. Thinking your car is in better shape than it is, will give you an inflated valuation, and could lead to frustrations when it comes time to negotiate a final price.

What Factors Can Affect The Value of My Vehicle?

Car values are constantly fluctuating. There are some key things to keep in mind when figuring out the value of your vehicle. The three most common factors are your make model and mileage. This is going to give you a solid baseline idea for the overall price of your car, and how it is currently selling. From there you need to understand any issues or damages that could hurt the value. Most used cars are not in pristine shape, so damage is expected.

There are some other external factors as well. Unfortunately, we cannot control these, but understanding what external factors can hurt or help your car's value will help. Some of these factors include, location, season, vehicle type, and economic conditions. All of these things play a big role in overall supply and demand, and we always recommend understanding the car market as a whole before you sell.

Can Car Values Be Seasonal?

Absolutely, as with any industry, car values fluctuate seasonally. Different vehicle types have a higher demand in different seasons. A good example of this is seeing a higher demand for convertibles in the fall, just before summertime. On the contrary, offroad and AWD vehicles have a higher demand just before the winter months. People are looking for something that will drive in snowy and wintery conditions. When finding your car's value, understand what you have, and how you can use seasonality to your advantage to maximize value.

Does My Location Matter When Selling My Car?

Yes, like seasonality, location can absolutely play a role in how much your car might be worth. Warmer locations have a higher demand for more sporty or convertible types. Northern states have more of a demand for off road vehicles to help navigate the four seasons. As with weather, it is key to understand your local climate and interests when figuring out how much your car might be worth.

Who Will Give Me The Most Money for My Car?

There are a lot of car buyers out there. There is no definite answer as to who can give you the most money for your car. Each of these options has their pros and cons. A private sale may generate more money, but can come with some headaches and extra paperwork. A dealer trade in may not give as much money, but they can help take care of the transfer paperwork and make sure you get paid quickly and easily. As with any step in the car selling process, it is best to see what option works best for you.

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