Jul 04, 2011

You may not think that your old clunker is worth anything and it’s sat there, hardly being used. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how much it’s actually worth. Here at webuyanycar.com we are always willing to inspect any car, truck, or pick-up as long as you can get it to one of our branches conveniently located across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Maryland. In addition, our free online valuation service allows you to get an estimate of the car's likely value from the comfort of your own home in only a few minutes. We even consider non-runners as we do exactly what we say – we buy any car from $50 to $100,000!

With Summer coming, selling your clunker could pay for that holiday you deserve and if it's sat on your driveway, its not doing you any favors. Visit our website and get your valuation right away. If you like the price, make an appointment. We will then inspect your car if you are happy with the price agreed, we will put a check in your hand that very day. Our website will guide you through the process.

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