Aug 09, 2011

The Cash For Clunkers Program aka The Car Allowance Rebate Scheme is a government program encouraging people to trade in their clunker for a new car. It ends on 30 September 2011. You need to visit a participating car dealer and remember to take along your Personal State Identification / Driver's license, the trade in vehicle, the title of the trade-in vehicle, proof of continuous insurance for the past 12 months (no gaps) and proof of continuous registration for the past 12 months. You pick a new car and participating dealers then get a rebate from the government. However, whilst this is good news for those looking to buy a new car, what if you just want to sell the old clunker sat on the drive and don't need a new car? Unfortunately, the government can't really help you here.

However, now for some GREAT NEWS! will give you a check, which is pretty much as good as CASH FOR YOUR CLUNKER!!!! And we don't sell any other cars, so you DON'T HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER CAR FROM US, unlike the cash for cars scheme. In fact, we don't sell cars to the public at all, so rest assured.

Do you really buy any car?

Absolutely. Its exactly as the advert says, we buy any car from $50 to $100,000. We will even buy non-runners. Simply enter your vin number above or if you don't have your vin number (its normally in your windshield or vehicle documentation), simply visit our homepage where you can enter your vehicle details to get an immediate valuation.

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