Nov 17, 2014

If you're looking to sell a financed car, then turn to specialist car buyer, We have helped thousands of people sell a car they still owe money on. We can pay off vehicle finance and settle car loans for you. The best part, any remaining balance above and beyond your settlement amount will be given directly to you! 

Data shows that almost 10% of our customers asked us to settle financing during their branch appointment. To date has settled finance totaling more than $50 million dollars for our customers. Helping thousands of people sell a financed car has made us experts on the process. We can take away the stress and hassle that comes from doing it yourself. 

Some of the reasons people turn to to sell a financed car include:

  • Financial independence - People don't want the monthly payments any more so they simply sell their car and leave the payments behind.
  • Simplicity - Privately selling a car with a lien on it can be difficult. It adds an extra dimension that only over complicates an already stressful and typically long process.
  • Ease - Our knowledgeable branch managers already know the process and what you'll need to pay off vehicle financing. We'll not only educate you on the process but help walk you through it as well. 
  • Privacy - When buying a new car some customers prefer not to go through the trade-in process. Using’s services you can keep your financial details private and confidential from the car dealer. 
Regardless of your reasoning, when you need to settle a car loan, our friendly and professional staff will have you questioning why you didn't contact us sooner. Elizabeth from Doylestown, PA sold us her Audi and couldn't have been more thrilled. Elizabeth said, "The quote I received for my car was fair. It was a lot higher than the dealership offered me on a trade in. The whole process took less than an hour. I was treated with respect and I would recommend using this service to anyone." 

Start by getting a valuation for your vehicle on our website. Just answer a few questions about your car and we'll give you an instant, online valuation. From there you simply book an appointment at one of our conveniently located offices, have our branch manager inspect your car and once the paperwork is finalized you'll walk out with one less headache to deal with. 

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