Aug 15, 2011

The Audi A3 was first launched in 1996 apparently. Its been build on the basic Volkswagen Group A Platform and there are three and five door versions as well as a soft top launched in 2003.

Audi A3 values can vary considerably and its easy to understand why. The engines can range in size from the basic 2.0 up to the 3.2 V6. Having been in a VW Golf VR6 which had the same 3.2 V6 engine from memory, the difference between the power in that and my own 2.0 Golf was absolutely astounding. Having said that, my friend's VR6 was a limited edition only sold in Germany, which had the slightly larger Scirocco 3.2 engine which supposedly had more valves and was four wheel drive. Being on the "wrong side" of the road as it was right hand drive, sat in the passenger seat desperately trying to find the pedals only to find none there was a terrifying experience. My friend found it extremely funny to drive it at high speeds around the race track but it was not for me!

However, with webuyanycar's online valuation service, whether your Audi A3 is a 2.0T or the very powerful VR6 engine, let us do the calculations for you!


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