Jul 21, 2011

Kelley Blue Book ® used car values differ from webuyanycar.com. Kelley Blue Book ® prices are typically updated on a monthly basis and may not, on occasion, be representative of current market trends or changes. Used car values for cars may differ depending on who you are selling to. For example, the price to a private seller may be different to the price offered by a dealer. Webuyanycar.com® offers an up to the second valuation. We are unaware of anyone else offering this service at the present time. There are also a number of other pricing services and you can also look at Autotrader as a reference if you are seeking to sell the car privately.

webuyanycar.com® also conducts a comprehensive review of your car, based around manufacturer, model, and an assessment of the vehicles condition. After this assessment, we offer a price that we are prepared to buy your car or truck.

We strive to take the salesperson out of the process with our fast, safe, and fair approach. Although at the present time, we are only located in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington DC our website gives a free valuation that can help you to price your car appropriately. We also have more locations opening all the time. Please take a look at our location pages to find out more.

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