Aug 16, 2011

The Kelley Blue Book ® is established as one of the major sources of vehicle valautions. However, many people when thinking "how much is my truck worth?" like to know where else they can get truck and car valuations. That's a really great question and many people will always say "a car is only worth what somebody else will be willing to pay for it". That's true but when first pricing a car, its really useful to have as many different prices as possible.

There are a number of good reasons for this. Many individuals are not sure whether they want to sell their car privately, to a dealer, or even part exchange. Many car clubs now exist that allow those in urban areas to give up their car and rent one as and when they need it. A really good example of this is Zip Car ®.

I suppose its not so much competition, but what alternatives are available. Firstly, we like to think we are a really great example of an alternative way to value your car. For anyone thinking how can I "sell my car", we suggest you visit our homepage.

Autotrader and the other used vehicle aggregators are also worth checking out. You can normally find similar cars to you own and see how they are pricing.

You can also visit used car dealers. Its a lot more common for used car dealers, even private individuals mom and pop style dealers to offer a purchase only service. A great tip here is that if you take your car to an authorised dealer matching the manufacturer of car you are selling, you can often get a better price. This is because its far easier for a dealer to sell a manufacturer that they specialise in. They know the vehicles inside out, its easy for them to get parts, plus they also know the market better, giving them a far more intuitive feel for what your is actually worth.  

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