Aug 03, 2011

When we say "we buy any car", we mean it! At, we've bought hundreds of thousands of autos directly from the public since we opened for business in 2006. From $100 wrecks to $200,000 Bentleys, we've bought a huge variety of cars and are confident to say that it's true - we buy any car.

How Can We Buy Any Car?

We've been buying and selling autos for over sixty years and have expert knowledge of the used auto market. You might think we're a used auto dealer, but you'd be wrong - we don't want to put your car on our lot (we don't have any lots) and we definitely don't want to sell you a car. Our business is very simple. We work tirelessly to understand used car values so that when we buy any car, we offer the best possible price.

How Can I Sell My Car?

Simple - start by getting a 60 second valuation from our website and if the valuation is a good trade-off against the hassle of selling your auto privately, we'll be happy to buy your auto right away -- fast, safe and fair.

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