Cleaning your car is a labor of love. From washing and waxing, to polishing and detailing the inside of your car, there are certainly a lot of moving parts to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Today, we’re debunking some of the car washing myths that you may have heard over the years.

Myth 1: Diapers, t-shirts, or flannel shirts are great for cleaning cloths.

Nope! Actually, pros recommend using a premium terrycloth microfiber towel. The surface creates a buffer zone that will pick up the bad stuff, rather than grind it into the paint finish.

Myth 2: Washing and polishing are the same thing.

They aren’t. Waxing protects the vehicles finish by coating it, while polishing actually creates a high-gloss surface. The visible difference here is that waxing won’t make a dull surface shiny.

Myth 3: Once a car is waxed, regularly protecting the paint surface is unnecessary.

Wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately, even a well-done wax finish will eventually wear off, leaving your car on its own. Instead, remember to wash and wax regularly so dirt, tire rubber and bugs don’t have the time to bond to your car.

Myth 4: Car wax lasts for a whole year

There are many, many variables which affect how long a wax finish will help protect your car. Things like the weather, where you park (inside a garage or out in the open), as well as what kind of terrain you drive on (highway vs dirt or gravel) will help you determine how often your car will need to be waxed to have continued protection.

Myth 5: It’s okay to use dishwashing detergent on your car.

Dishwashing detergent is meant to remove surface stains and residue. Unfortunately this means that when it comes in contact with your car, it may actually remove the paint along with the dirt. It also speeds up the oxidation process, which means your car will rust faster than if you had used the proper soap.

These are the top 5 car cleaning myths we’ve encountered, but we want to hear about car cleaning tips that you’ve had debunked – visit our Facebook Page and let us know!

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