Similar to your birthday milestones, all cars have milestones that are important to recognize -- especially when it's around the time you're considering selling your car. Knowing when your car's milestones are can help you coordinate when the best time will be to receive the best value for your used car. It's also important if you're buying a used car to know these milestones to understand what your expected maintenance may be due for or should have already received.

The first milestone generally falls around the time many factory warranties expire, usually around the 35,000 mile range. This time usually presents the first major service visit consisting more than just an oil change.  Due to the initial wear of your car during the first 35,000 miles, your tires may need to be replaced and it may be time to make sure your brakes are in good condition.

The next milestone falls around the 65,000 mark, which is often times more expensive than your first major service visit. By the time your car reaches this stage it will almost certainly need tires and brakes. As a buyer shopping for a used car, finding out when these maintenance visits were made are important when negotiating a final price.At 100,000 miles your car will have hit it's third milestone. Though years ago this would be a major determent to buying a used car, cars today now last much longer and many times 100,000 miles can still be a car in its prime.

Once a car hits 100,000 miles their service schedules begin to repeat themselves. After 100,000 miles small interior or exterior details may become more noticeable -- such as chipped paint or stains on the seats. Knowing when to expect these milestones is important in anticipating the sale of your car. Using to quickly sell your car is an easy and safe solution. After entering a few details, we'll give you a free valuation on what your car is worth. After scheduling your appointment, a branch manager will do a walk through with you, inspecting all the details. Knowing when your car's milestones are will not only keep you safer on the road but allow you to get the most out of your sale. 

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