Most likely, you’ve heard buzz in the news about electric cars. Maybe you’ve even seen one in person. Perhaps you’ve even driven one. For those of you that haven’t been blessed with an electric car experience, here are a few facts about electric cars to help you better understand the new technology:

What makes an electric car electric?

Electric cars are powered by fuel cells. These are great because they produce electrical power efficiently and quietly.

Why are electric cars better for the environment?

Unlike gasoline engines, fuels cells do not create pollution! Electric cars are legitimately zero-emission vehicles.

Does it take a long time to charge an electric car?

An article on Road and Track talks about the charging times for the Mitsubishi “i" electric car: “The 110-volt will take roughly 19 hours for a full charge, but can be plugged into any 110 socket without the risk of shorting the fuse. The 220-volt (standard dryer plug) will take half that time… a DC quick charger…can charge up to 80 percent in 20 minutes…”

Will charging a car actually be cheaper than filling up with gas?

According to most sources, an average recharge would likely cost less than $1 a day. Some utility companies are even offering breaks in billing for people that charge their cars overnight, when electrical demand is at its lowest.

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