If you're looking to sell your car for a new ride, we've got four tips to keep in mind! 

Consider the Features - Whether you need a car with all the add-ons or you're just looking for the reliability of automatic locks, additional features mean additional costs. Going through what you want vs. what you need can play a role in the overall cost. We advise focusing less on accessories and more on the safety & fuel economy!

Test Drive - When you think of a normal test drive you think of just a trip around the block but if time allows, we suggest driving your commute to work so you can get an idea how the car handles on those roads. We also suggest attempting to park in a garage so you can see how well your car maneuvers and fits into each space. 

Budget for Your New Vehicle - Even though you may really want a new car, sometimes it is best to hold off if your finances will be a bit stretched. Selling your car with webuyanycar.com often gives more to customers than a dealer and takes much less time than with a private sale. It is important to budget in specifics like insurance (will it go up or down with your new car?) and any possible repairs that may come along in the future. Research your finance & loan options if necessary. Most dealerships will help you pick the best loan option. 

Using webuyanycar.com - If you have an old car you need to get rid of before you can purchase a new one, we suggest selling your car with webuyanycar.com. Private sales are invasive and can drag on for days, weeks, sometimes even months. Using a dealer often will get you less than what you deserve for your car. Using webuyanycar.com your valuation takes approximately 60 seconds. From there you can book an appointment at your nearest branch & in as little as 30 minutes you can sell your car and walk away with a corporate check able to be deposited that day. Walk in to a dealership feeling confident you are able to make your purchase on a new car!

With a high demand for SUVs right now and lots full of cars waiting to be replaced by newer models, this is a great time to sell your car!

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