Cleaning your car isn’t just about an exterior clean. Cleaning the inside of your car can be a dramatic game changer when looking to sell your car. For example, a car’s value will depreciate based off odors or spills. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get all the small crevices for the biggest value!
Vacuum. It is important to begin with vacuuming your vehicle. You should remove any larger items that may not make it down the vacuum hose first. Vacuum the rest of your car making sure you get in between each crack. You’d be surprised how much stuff can get stuck between your front seats and the center console!

Deep Clean. Now that you’ve gotten any leaves and trash out of your car, it’s time to get scrubbing! Whether you have a handheld cleaner or you’re sticking with the traditional soap and scrub brush, you’ll want to make sure you not only get the seats but also the floor mats and the floor. These areas are often ignored.

Get All the Nooks & Crannies. We all know there are small areas in your car where dust finds its way in. Often times these areas get overlooked as it may seem there is no way to possibly clean it. But that’s where many people are misinformed! Simply taking a flat had screw driver and wrapping a cloth over it can get into many of those small spots around your shifter or car doors. For your vents collecting dust, try using a small paint brush to get deeper into the vent. Putting on some cleaning spray will help maintain the look and break up some of the grim that’s accumulated as well.

Eliminating Odors. Sure, you can certainly add an air freshener but what about those deep odors that don’t seem to come out? Whether you’ve been transporting your pup in the back seat, spilled coffee on your morning commute, or regret letting that trash pile up in the back seat for a bit, eliminating the smell left behind seems to be the most difficult part in keeping your vehicle looking brand new. We suggest not only getting an air freshener but also investing in odor eliminating sprays. A small amount in your enclosed car will go a long way, so keep that in mind when you’re spraying!

Following these simple, often ignored, guidelines this spring will be a great way to help you get a higher value on your car when selling it to Car’s all clean? Now that you’re all set, start with a free valuation of your car by visiting! You’ll see how much your car is worth within 60 seconds and a check within 30 minutes of your appointment time. Now that’s something that should get you motivated to start your spring cleaning!

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