If you’re thinking about selling your car, nowadays you have two choices: Sell it privately or use a professional service, such as webuyanycar.com®. How do you know which is best for you? Let’s consider each option.


You have decided to sell your car privately. Aside from your mechanic, who else would know more about your car than you? The answer is everyone! With the advent of the internet (Thanks Al Gore!), buyers can research the current market and estimate the fair market value of any make/model they’re looking to buy – you should do your research so that you’re in the know.

The first step to selling your car is evaluating your vehicle. Is it the right time of year to sell? Is your vehicle in demand in your area?  You’ll have to research your make/model so that you can get an accurate expectation of how quickly your car will sell and how much you can expect.

Next you have to determine the price of your vehicle.  A site that has an online valuation service, such as our own, can provide you with a price based on the information you enter about your vehicle. You can also look on Craigslist,Yahoo Autos or Auto Trader by comparing your vehicle to those that are for sale in order to assess value and to ensure you ask the right price for your vehicle.Mileage, condition of the vehicle, and any added specialty features can also affect price. Any cosmetic and mechanical improvements you can make before you sell will allow you to increase your asking price.

Now you have to decide if you’re going to advertise. Do you have a budget to advertise your car? Do you want to take out a classified ad? Once you’ve determined the value of your car and how you’re going to advertise, you might want to think about having your vehicle detailed. Minor maintenance and detailing can significantly increase the chances of selling your car for the price you want. Next, you will need to arrange appointments for buyers to view and test drive your vehicle. Have you picked a location you are comfortable with? Do you want a friend or relative to accompany you? This process can be a bit intimidating, worrisome, in addition to time consuming.

After all of these steps, you still have to negotiate price, payment options and officially close the deal, a.k.a. paperwork and any costs associated! In many states, both the buyer and the seller have responsibilities during and after the transfer of a vehicle, go to Paperwork When Selling A Car on the DMV.org website to ensure you have all of the necessary documentation. You may be able to sell your car for the price you want if you’ve performed all of these steps, but it might be a long and difficult process.


Professional Service

Private sellers often turn to Kelley Blue Book®, Cars.com or Auto Trader to find out how much their car is worth. Kelley Blue Book® or KBB is a respected used car price guide often quoted by used car dealers to demonstrate that prices on their lots are fair. When it comes to realizing the Blue Book price when selling a used car outright, however, sellers often find their expectations set too high. These sites are a useful guide if you’re selling your car privately and need a used car valuation, but you will still have to find someone to buy your car.

If you decide to trade in for a new car, you'll usually be offered an attractive price for your old car. Dealers use questioning techniques to find out whether you're more interested in a great trade-in price or a big discount and tailor the deal to give you the perception of value. The most important factor for you as a buyer, however, is the cost to change. Attractive trade-in prices are usually subsidized by reducing the discount on your new car. The dealer is looking at the overall profit on the deal.

webuyanycar.com® will not only give you a free, quick and easy online valuation. We’ll also buy your vehicle regardless of condition, year, make or model. It takes just a few minutes for you to provide us with some basic information about your vehicle in order to receive a prompt quote via email from us in minutes for buying your used car. We strive to offer you a fast, safe, and fair way to sell your car. Since we don’t sell cars, we’ve eliminated the pressure from sales people – because we don’t have any! Instead, we focus on customer service and making the process as pain-free for you as possible. You can skip all of the hassle associated with selling the car yourself, and sell it to webuyanycar.com® in 3 simple steps:

1. Free Online Valuation

2. Book an Appointment to Inspect Your Car

3. Walk out with a Check

So how do the choices measure up?

If you haven’t sold your car privately yet,there is a much easier way. More than a third of a million people have alreadychosen our simple three-step process to sell their car.

So if you would like to sell your car withoutthe waiting around or the worry that private sales can involve, click now to get your free online valuation.

Best of luck getting the value you want for your car!

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