We have been called everything from We Buy Any Car® to We Buy Any Auto® and even The Car Buying Genies (okay maybe that last one is made up) but one thing is for certain, our customers love us. Friendly, trustworthy and here to help are things we hear, so when we came upon this article from Consumer Reports we knew we had to share. 

There are few investments that are more expensive and more important than purchasing a car. Buying a home and saving for retirement come to mind, but for the majority of families across America buying a new car is a major financial decision. There is a lot to be considered, everything from cost and financing to fuel economy and available features all have to be taken into consideration. With such a large investment and so many other factors to contemplate, consumers often don’t even consider the fact that the car itself may be unreliable. They don’t think they will have any issues the first few years after purchase but often times they are sadly mistaken. 

Consumer Reports polled 740,000 vehicle owners in their Auto Reliability Survey to find out exactly which vehicles should not be trusted. Below are the five vehicles that were singled out as being the most unreliable. 

1.) Fiat 500L

Unsurprisingly the Fiat 500L kicks off this list. The vehicle manufacturer has been at the bottom of most customer satisfaction and reliability rankings time after time.  Consumer Reports cited specific complaints with the car’s automatic transmission. Some customers even said they had to replace the entire engine because it was faulty. 

2.) Ford Fiesta 

Around since the 1970’s, Ford is still trying to nail down the Fiesta. This particular Ford model has been singled out by Consumer Reports for having transmission problems, overheating engines and fuel pump failures. 

3.) Jeep Cherokee

The third vehicle on the list comes from Fiat Chrysler Automotive. The Jeep Cherokee’s issues are less focused on the mechanical nature of the vehicle and more to do with odd quirks vehicle owners have found. Reports range from keys getting stuck in the ignition to unresponsive infotainment systems.  

4.) Nissan Pathfinder

The only Japanese vehicle on Consumer Report’s list is the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder.  This large SUV has received numerous complaints from owners about the Pathfinder’s CVT transmission. 

5.) Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon XL

The last place on Consumer Report’s list ends in a tie between the Chevy Suburban and the GMC Yukon XL. The reports from consumers vary wildly and owners have reported issues with the vehicle getting stuck in two-wheel drive and navigation issues among other things. 


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