The holidays are a great time of the year to sell your used car. Besides giving yourself a little extra cash to spend on gifts, why not sell your car and upgrade to a vehicle that comes equipped with some winter friendly features?
No matter what new make or model is on your list this year, a wider range of winter weather must-have features are more affordable and accessible than ever before. You can check out these features, designed to keep you safe and comfortable when the weather outside is frightful.
All Wheel Drive (AWD)
All Wheel Drive Systems are quickly becoming popular options for not only SUVs, but for cars as well. They don't add much weight and it allows you to drive in all types of weather. Gone are the days of getting stuck in the snow plow heap that was left at the bottom of your driveway! Many manufacturers even offer AWD on their compact car models. For best results: use winter tires.

Automatic Climate Control
No need to fiddle with the controls to find your perfect temperature because an automatic climate control system will maintain the temperatures in the cabin of your car at pre-set levels. Thus ensuring the comfort and joy for you and your passengers when used in conjunction with heated seats and heated steering wheel features.

High Performance Lighting
Xenon lighting isn't just for luxury cars anymore. They are becoming increasingly more popular, affordable and available because they provide superior light output compared to halogen bulbs. This keeps your eyes from straining to see further up the road and reduces eye fatigue. 

Remote Starter
How many times have you arrived at work before your used car heated up?  With a factory installed remote starter, you can touch a button on a keyfob from the comfort of the great indoors to preheat your new ride. There are so many added bonuses with this feature; It's covered under your new vehicle warranty, it automatically shuts off after several minutes, and some of these systems will allow owners to remotely start their vehicle using their Android or Apple Smartphone. No more dashing through the snow to preheat your car!

Winter Tires
If you live in a region that receives a lot of frightful weather, winter tires might be a good investment. Coupled with an AWD system, you will maximize the traction between the snow on the road and your vehicle. Added Holiday Bonus: shorter stopping distances.

If you've been thinking about selling your used car, the one that might not make it through this winter, now would be a really good time to do it. December is an especially great time because of the threat of the end of the year for dealerships trying to get rid of the prior year's inventory. Not to mention the salesperson will want to earn year-end bonuses. 

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