It's super easy! Just follow these two steps for an online valuation* or a 7 Day Offer*, when applicable:

1. Tell us your car’s mileage, year, make, model and condition

2. Provide your contact details and instantly receive an online valuation or a 7 Day Offer and an email confirmation.

If you are satisfied with the online valuation or 7 Day Offer for your car, you have two choices. You can simply schedule an appointment right away online to bring your car to the most convenient branch location or request a visit from our mobile buying service, where available, so that we can inspect your car.

Unlike other online car buying websites, we don’t just email you an electronic guidebook estimate of used car values. We take into account the specific information about your car that you provided to us. The valuation or 7 Day Offer is completely free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever to sell your car.

Please keep in mind that online valuations and 7 Day Offers are subject to an on-site inspection for verification.

A Branch Manager will greet you at your scheduled appointment and inspect the car.

You will need to bring all documents, keys, etc. for the vehicle. If your online valuation or 7 Day Offer matches our on-site inspection and all of your paperwork is in order, we can issue you a check right away, if you decide to sell your car. The process usually takes less than an hour.

If you have an outstanding loan balance, that’s not a problem. We simply deduct the amount you owe from the selling price, less any fees, and if you have positive equity, we cut you a check for the remainder. If your vehicle is worth less than the pay-off, this is known as negative equity, and you will have to pay the difference to us by cashier’s check or credit / debit card payment. Just remember to bring a current payoff letter from your financing company that shows the outstanding balance on your loan. We will verify the letter with the bank when you arrive.

To learn more about our 7 Day Offer, please visit our Terms of Use.

* Valuations are provided as an estimate for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer from®, except where you are expressly made a conditional 7 Day Offer. Valuations are based on the limited information we collect from you online and market information about your vehicle (which, for some makes, models and years, can be limited).Therefore the valuation may be adjusted at our discretion at any time, including prior to or during our in-branch vehicle inspection. Additional fees(e.g. titling) may also apply. By selecting to receive a valuation or conditional 7 Day Offer, you agree to our Terms of Use.  

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