Online valuations* and 7 Day Offers*, when applicable, are based on the information you enter on our website or provide to We Buy Any Car® via other methods (e.g. phone call, text message, email, etc.) along with used car market pricing data. The more accurately you describe your vehicle and its condition, the more accurately we are able to provide a value for your car. 

For online valuations, we will make a firm purchase offer after an in-person inspection of the vehicle. 

For 7 Day Offers,, at its discretion, will make a conditional offer on your vehicle. The conditional offer is valid until midnight of the seventh calendar day following the day you are presented with the conditional offer in writing (“7 Day Offer”). The offer is conditioned upon all information disclosed being accurate, up-to-date, and complete and the odometer reading, upon physical inspection, being less than one thousand miles (1,000) higher than disclosed online. The conditional 7 Day Offer may only be redeemed at a® location or mobile buying service area, where available, within one hundred (100) miles of the ZIP code provided to receive the conditional 7 Day Offer. 

If there are undisclosed items, your vehicle fails to meet the conditions set forth below, or the vehicle description set forth in the conditional 7 Day Offer does not match with the physical vehicle upon inspection, We Buy Any Car® may adjust or rescind the conditional 7 Day Offer, at our discretion, at any time including prior to or during our physical vehicle inspection.

The conditional 7 Day Offer will be null and void under certain conditions, including, but not limited to, (a) the vehicle odometer and/or engine has been replaced, (b) the vehicle has been involved in a reported accident, (c) the vehicle is not in the original equipment manufacturers (“OEM”) configuration and/or aftermarket modifications have been made, (d) the vehicle has been flooded, theft recovered, rebuilt, or branded salvage or lemon, (e) the vehicle has been used as a taxi, driving school vehicle, or for law enforcement purposes, (f) the vehicle is not registered to you and/or you do not have a valid and marketable title to the vehicle and all rights that are necessary to sell and transfer ownership.

To learn more about online valuations and 7 Day Offers, please visit the relevant sections in our Terms of Use.

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