The selling process usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the transaction. If you have financing on the vehicle or are selling on behalf of another person, it can take longer but we will always work to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.

During the appointment and to be fully transparent, you will be invited to join our trained Branch Manager while they inspect the vehicle. You should always join the Branch Manager for a short test drive of your car. After the inspection, we'll make you a firm, no-obligation offer, unless you already have a 7 Day Offer*. If you are satisfied with the amount of money we offer you for your car, we will need to complete paperwork so we can issue you a check for your car on the spot. For a 7 Day Offer, we will inspect the vehicle and your documentation to verify its completeness and accuracy. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

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