Yes, we do buy cars customized with aftermarket parts. Like any car, we'll need to complete a no-obligation valuation before making an offer. Options for customizing vehicles are endless. Some upgrades add value while others can actually reduce the resale value of the vehicle because they limit the buyers interested in these customizations. We promise to be transparent with you about how we calculate a final valuation and our offer will always come with no obligation to sell.

Some aftermarket parts such as brakes and other components that commonly need replacing should have little impact on value, as long as the vehicle functions correctly and still has the same appearance as when it was manufactured.

Aftermarket upgrades that modify a vehicle's appearance or performance will have an impact on resale value. This could be positive or negative depending on the modification, parts used and quality of installation. We'll take these factors into account when making an offer to buy your modified car.

If you have questions about modifications to your vehicle and how they might affect the valuation, feel free to contact your local branch for assistance. Find your nearest car buying center using the We Buy Any Car branch locator.

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