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The Acura RL was the flagship car for Acura. The first generation, produced from 1996 to 2004, was based around the third generation Honda Legend. The RL was the replacement for the Acura Legend. The second generation Acura RL, produced from 2005 to present, is similar to the fourth generation Honda Legend. The first generation Acura RL sported a 3.5-liter V6 engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission. The second generation Acura RL featured the 3.5-liter 290-hp and 3.7-liter 300-hp engine models. 2005 saw the introduction of the 5-speed automatic transmission, while 2011 saw the introduction of the 6-speed automatic transmission.

  • Acura RL Sedan 4D 3.5RL
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D 3.5RL Special Edition
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D 3.5RL W/Nav
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D Sedan 4D
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D Tech Package
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D 3.5L
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D 3.7L
  • Acura RL Sedan 4D Advance Package