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Sell your Audi R8 to us and we’ll give you a great, fair price for it. We’re a specialist Audi buyer and we’ll take your car no matter what its condition or age or how many miles it’s clocked. All you have to do is supply us with your car’s details and we’ll work out a fair price to pay you for it, no problem. This is the fastest, cheapest and safest way to sell your Audi R8 and we have every confidence that you’ll be more than happy with our customer service and our honest approach. If I sold my Audi R8, I’d expect to get the proper price for it based on its condition, age and other factors, and you’ll be just the same. It’s only fair that you get what the car is worth and we can make this potentially problematic process simple and straightforward, as it should be. Just log on to our website and you’ll see how easy selling any car for a fair price can be.

The Audi R8 is a great car at the luxury end of the market, with some fantastic features and a design that verges on the aggressive. It comes in both petrol and diesel variations and has an engine powerful enough to give a comfortable drive on most conditions of road. It has a four-wheel drive and six-speed gearbox, and with manual transmission on the petrol model and automatic transmission on diesel you’re assured of a great ride.