2023 Buick Lucerne

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Introduced in 2005 the Lucerne replaced both the Buick Park Avenue and the LeSabre. The Lucerne is a full-sized four-door sedan, but was marketed at a lower price than the LeSabre. The Lucerne had a V6 engine as standard, but it was also offered as a V8 model, The Northstar. In 2008 Buick made some changes to the design of the Lucerne, including some minor changes to the exterior colors. In 2011, in response to falling sales, production of the Lucerne ceased. Buick have yet to announce a direct replacement, but it is expected that a new full-sized design will be produced based either on the Epsilon or Zeta.

  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D CX
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D CXL V6
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D CXL V8
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D CXS
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D Super V8
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D CXL
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D Super
  • Buick Lucerne Sedan 4D CXL Premium