2022 Buick Riviera

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First introduced in 1963, the Buick Riviera combined luxury, performance and enduring popularity. During its long history, eight redesigns or generations of the Buick Riviera were manufactured, with the last generation launched in 1995. The Buick Riviera has been dubbed a ‘sleeper’ vehicle because of the way it combines an unassuming appearance with performance ability. Some models of the Buick Riviera are capable of accelerating from 0-60 miles per hour in under eight seconds, but the vehicle has also been praised for its fuel efficiency. The Riviera was retired in 1999. In total, more than a million vehicles were sold.

  • Buick Riviera T-TYPE Coupe 2D
  • Buick Riviera Riviera-V6 Coupe 2D
  • Buick Riviera Riviera-V8 Coupe 2D
  • Buick Riviera T-TYPE Coupe 2D Turbo
  • Buick Riviera Riviera-V6 Conv 2D
  • Buick Riviera Riviera-V8 Conv 2D
  • Buick Riviera Base 2D Convertible
  • Buick Riviera Base 2D Coupe
  • Buick Riviera Conv 2D
  • Buick Riviera Coupe 2D
  • Buick Riviera T Type Coupe 2D
  • Buick Riviera T-Type 2D Coupe
  • Buick Riviera 2D Coupe