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Sell your Chevrolet Metro with for a quick and painless service with one of the world’s leading used car buyers, we will happily purchase your Metro whether brand new or junk, so that means no restrictions on mileage or appearance. We offer an expert knowledge of used cars and will give you a fair price – something you are unlikely to find selling your car through any other method. Our service is simple: you give us your Chevrolet Metro’s details, we give you a quote and then you bring the car to one of our local sites for an inspection. If your car is as described, you will be going home with a check in hand. There is no need to get bogged down in adverts and meetings as you would normally have to when selling your car. To get started, simply enter your details online now and receive your Chevrolet Metro valuation.

The Chevrolet Metro is a subcompact car that originates in Japan and was brought to North America in 1998. Its last model year was 2001, but it has since grown a rather cult status as an interest in the Metro returns. At the time of release, the last model was the smallest car sold by General Motors in the United States and was available as both a sedan and a hatchback. Despite the sedan’s longer body, the interior dimensions of both are relatively similar, including a folding rear seat. The car had been previously known as the Geo Metro since 1989 and in its first generation in the 80s was known as the Chevrolet Sprint.

  • Chevrolet Metro Hatchback 2D Base
  • Chevrolet Metro Hatchback 2D LSI
  • Chevrolet Metro Sedan 4D LSI
  • Chevrolet Metro Hatchback 2D Hatchback 2D