2023 Dodge Intrepid

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The Dodge Intrepid was a full-size four-door sedan with front-wheel drive. It was manufactured between 1993 and 2004. It was very similar to the New Yorker, the Eagle Vision, the Concorde, and the 300M series, all manufactured by Chrysler. The Dodge Intrepid replaced the Chrysler Dynasty in Canada and the Dodge Monaco in the United States as Dodge’s largest car.

The idea for the Dodge Intrepid began in 1986 when Kevin Verduyn created an aerodynamic concept sedan called the Navajo, but it never went further than the clay model stage. That clay model was then updated and became the Lamborghini Portofino. This was the first car with the “cab forward” design. The chassis design started in the late 1980’s when Chrysler bought American Motors Corporation, and after that more developments and refinements continued until the first Dodge Intrepid rolled off the assembly line in 1993.

  • Dodge Intrepid Sedan 4D
  • Dodge Intrepid Sedan 4D ES
  • Dodge Intrepid Sedan 4D R/T
  • Dodge Intrepid Sedan 4D SE
  • Dodge Intrepid Sedan 4D SXT