2024 GMC CK3500

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Come to us if you want to sell your C/K3500 quickly and fairly. The C/K3500 value will depend on the quality and condition of your automobile but do not worry, we will buy any car no matter what age it is. Just fill in all the details about your truck and we can guarantee to be your C/K3500 buyer by giving you a valuation in no time. You can trust us to give you an instant and fair valuation for your C/K3500 almost instantly so do not delay, just contact us today.

GMG has been producing Chevrolets for almost 100 years, with the first pickup chassis produced in 1924. In 1941 there was a redesign on the pickup with newer, stronger sheet metal, forming what we know as the C/K3500 today. By the time it got to 1958, the car had four-wheel drive and thousands of fans across the country for its great handling. The existing model of the C/K3500 was launched in 1988 with a focus on more heavy-duty jobs such as hauling and towing. With the vehicle weighing in at over 10,000 pounds, there is no surprise that the highest towing capacity reaches almost 14,000 pounds. The C/K3500 continues to be developed to this day under the new name of the Silverado – a loyal and robust truck that remains a firm GMC favorite.