2009 GMC Envoy

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The GMC Envoy is a much-loved SUV that was stylized as a higher quality version of the GMC Jimmy in the model year of 1998. Once the old Jimmy was phased out, the Envoy made a bigger reappearance in GMC’s line from 2002 through to 2009 as an individual model, but GM decided to replace it with the Terrain model. In the last year of production of the Envoy, there were updated wheels introduced for the different models, as well as the option of having Bluetooth. Another noteworthy addition to the model happened in 2006, when the manufacturers added standard stability control called Stabilitrak, as well as standard cruise control, OnStar, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D 4WD
  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D SLE 2WD
  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D SLE 4WD
  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D SLT 2WD
  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D SLT 4WD
  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D Denali 2WD
  • GMC Envoy Utility 4D Denali 4WD