2020 Honda Clarity

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The Honda Clarity is the name used by Honda for its line of alternative fuel vehicles.  There are three different models of the clarity, sharing exterior design, but featuring very different powerplants. The Honda clarity is available as a plug-in hybrid, a fully electric, or a fuel cell variant. 

The Clarity has very impressive numbers in terms of efficiency. The plug-in hybrid model can drive on electric power alone for up to 47 miles and has a combined total range of 340 miles, with a combined 42 MPG. The Fully electric model has a total range of 89 miles and can be completely recharged in just 3.5 hours. The Fuel Cell model has a total range of 366 mi and is the most efficient fuel cell car rated by the EPA at 67 MPGe.
  • Honda Clarity Sedan 4D Plug-In
  • Honda Clarity Sedan 4D Plug-In Touring