2021 Honda Del Sol

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Honda Civic Del Sol, a two seat sports car, became available to the US in 1993. Although it is not a full convertible, the Civic Del Sol has a removable top similar in size to a t-top that was popular in 1980’s sports cars. Based on the Honda Civic, The Civic Del Sol is the first economical S model. It has a 106-horsepower Honda Civic engine. The sportier Si model boasts a 127-horsepower SOHC VTEC engine. The SI model also offers, power door locks, aluminum wheels and power mirrors. The del Sol VTEC, Del Sol’s top of the line option, has antilock brakes making it well equipped to slow down the 160 horsepower engine.

  • Honda Del Sol Coupe 2D S
  • Honda Del Sol Coupe 2D Si
  • Honda Del Sol Coupe 2D VTEC