2020 Honda Insight

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The Honda Insight was the first Honda vehicle to have the Integrated Motor Assist system.

The Insight was Honda’s first hybrid electric vehicle. This four-door hybrid hatchback offers seating for five and is available in base, EX and LX models. Antilock brakes, 15-inch steel wheels, stability control, two speaker surround sound, and automatic climate control all come standard in the Honda Insight’s base model. The Motor consists of Honda's familiar Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system. This hybrid system consists of a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine and utilizes an electric motor for an additional 13 horsepower.

  • Honda Insight Hatchback 3D (Hybrid AT/5 Spd)
  • Honda Insight Hatchback 5D EX Hybrid
  • Honda Insight Hatchback 5D LX Hybrid
  • Honda Insight Hatchback 5D Hybrid
  • Honda Insight Sedan 4D EX Hybrid
  • Honda Insight Sedan 4D LX Hybrid
  • Honda Insight Sedan 4D Touring Hybrid