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The Hummer H2 is a sport utility vehicle which is different than its predecessor, the H1, because it is slimmer and lighter. Yet the Hummer H2 is also longer and taller than the previous Hummer and can seat six people including the driver. Some models can even hold up to seven people. The back of the H2 can be converted into a bed like a pickup truck, which makes hauling things really easy and convenient. The Hummer H2 has four doors and the frame is made up of three sections. It is used mostly as a passenger vehicle on normal roads rather than going off-roading. It has also been made into a limousine conversion which is always popular with events such as wedding parties. Standard features on the Hummer H2 include air conditioning and power seats, as well as cruise control.

  • Hummer H2 Sport Utility 4D Sport Utility 4D
  • Hummer H2 Sport Utility 4D SUV
  • Hummer H2 Sport Utility 4D Adventure
  • Hummer H2 Sport Utility 4D Base
  • Hummer H2 Sport Utility 4D Luxury