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The Hummer H3 is a crossover sport utility truck that came out in 2005. It was produced as the smallest and leanest of the different models of Hummer vehicles, and was the first one that General Motors built. It was made available in right hand drive for Australians for the time period between 2007 and 2009. It has a two-speed four-wheel drive that is good for on and off-roading. It is capable of going through up to 2 feet of water at 5 miles per hour or 16 inches at 20 miles per hour. It can clear more than nine inches off the ground as a standard, but is able to scale a vertical wall of 16 inches. The Hummer H3 also features electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes on all four wheels.

  • Hummer H3 Utility 4D 4WD
  • Hummer H3 Utility 4D Adventure 4WD
  • Hummer H3 Utility 4D Luxury 4WD
  • Hummer H3 Utility 4D H3X 4WD
  • Hummer H3 Utility 4D Alpha 4WD (V8)
  • Hummer H3 Utility 4D Alpha H3X 4WD (V8)