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If you’ve been driving the Infiniti IPL G for a while, you'll know just how great this car it. But, maybe it’s time to switch to something a bit different and you’re looking to sell your car. The problem is, how can you find the right buyer for your Infiniti IPL G and not take a beating on the price? Fortunately, that's where We Buy Any Car comes in. We'll buy your Infiniti IPL G from you and give you the best value for it; the only finger you'll have to lift is to use your mouse and keyboard to get to our website. Just visit us and ask for an instant quote, or contact us now. Whether your Infiniti IPL G is in mint condition or has had a lot of "loving use," we are interested! Work with us and you'll get a fair price with no hassle or stress.

The Infiniti IPL G kicks off the company's Infiniti Performance Line, combining the best of the G37's Premium, Sport, and Navigation packages. Side sills enhance its sporty appearance with fascias in both the rear and front, and chrome exhaust tips. The appearance is only the beginning, however, with 348 horsepower and 7400 revolutions per minute. It handles lightly and easily, a very reactive drive with great suspension. The engine is powerful yet efficient, and the Infiniti IPL G comes with options for both automatic or manual transmission.