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Do you have an Infiniti J30 in your garage that you would like to sell? Has it been through the ringer, or is it in mint condition? Either way, it can be difficult to find somebody to buy your vehicle for the fair Infiniti J30 price that you deserve. Use We Buy Any Car, and you won't have to worry. We will obtain the best price on your Infiniti J30 depending on its condition with no hassles and no nail biting. Once the deal is made, we will pay you right away. Just go to the We Buy Any Car website and ask us for more information or to go ahead and start the buying process, our friendly team will be happy to help.>

The Infiniti J30 is the epitome of a "grand old sedan," with the same horsepower available as cars of that era. Manufactured in the 1990s, this "grand old dame" is still a high horsepower competitor to its younger counterparts. Its 3.0 L V-6 engine has four valves per cylinder, and variable valve timing, as well as double overhead cams. It's available in either five-speed manual or automatic, and with rear wheel drive. It has a sleek body that belies its "sedan" status, with rear-wheel drive only adding to its power. Although the Infiniti J30 is no longer in production, it is still a favorite among drivers because of its powerful engine and easy handling. Additionally, most "options" were standard on this model, with Durasteel body panels for less corrosion and enough room to fit five comfortably.

  • Infiniti J30 Sedan 4D Base
  • Infiniti J30 Sedan 4D T