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One of the first cars in the rear-drive luxury car market was the Infiniti Q45, and you may have this wonderful car sitting in your garage. If you want to sell it, though, you may be worried that you're not going to get as much as it's worth. There is no need to worry, don't ask, "How can I sell my Infiniti Q45?" Use We Buy Any Car and we'll give you the best possible price for your Infiniti Q45, and you don't have to worry or do any of the work. Visit our website to ask for an instant quote or for more information. We Buy Any Car will make the selling process easy. We will buy your car from you, with absolutely no hassle.

The original Infiniti Q45 was one of two cars Infiniti introduced in 1990, specifically to challenge the rear-drive luxury car market from Japanese automobile manufacturers. The key to this car’s success has been its V8 4.5 L engine, boasting 340 horsepower. Today, the 2006 model is the latest and greatest of its "generation", with sharp styling, a light, spacious interior, and plenty of passenger room for elegant comfort. The latest 2006 models also feature a sport model, with performance-enhancing suspension, and 19-inch alloy wheels. Motor driven controls adjusted suspension and improved response and performance. Bluetooth connectivity was a new addition to this model, as was the "lane departure" warning system.

  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Base
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Sedan 4D
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D A
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D T
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Anniversary Edition
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Luxury
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Touring
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Premium
  • Infiniti Q45 Sedan 4D Sport