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The Infiniti QX4 was Infiniti's first try at SUV-come sport vehicle transition, with additional off-road capabilities. Although this hasn't been on the market for some time, the Infiniti QX4 was a consumer favorite for many years. Do you have an Infiniti QX4 sitting in your garage that you want to sell? If you do, We Buy Any Car can help. We'll do all the work for you and give you the best possible price Infiniti QX4. You won't have to research current Infiniti QX4 book values. We Buy Any Car has the information readily available so that you know the price for your Infiniti QX4 is fair. Just visit We Buy Any Car online for more information or to ask for an instant price quote.

First available in 2001, one of the best on road SUV's was the Infiniti QX4. Available in both rear wheel and all-wheel-drive, its multi-plate clutch was computer-controlled to give up to 50% torque to the front wheels for even better function. However, you can switch to basic Two Wheel Drive for the highway by turning off the clutch, saving on drag and gas. This SUV boasts xenon headlights with a V-6 3200 rpm, or 6000 rpm at the redline. Torque is 20% greater than previous V-6 options, with a 30% increase in horsepower. Its center screen navigation system is simple to use, and easy to read.