2023 Isuzu i-280

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The Isuzu i-280 premiered in 2006 and only remained in production until 2008. The Isuzu i-280 was the first in the “i” series of pickup trucks manufactured by General Motors. Featuring rear-wheel drive and an extended cab, the Isuzu i-280 offered a 175-horsepower four-cylinder engine, and either an automatic or manual transmission. A compact pickup truck, the Isuzu i-280 also featured a six-foot cargo box and standard antilock braking system. The Isuzu i-280, and the rest of the “i” series of pickups, was discontinued in 2008 due to poor sales.

  • Isuzu i-280 Crew Cab 4D I-280 LS
  • Isuzu i-280 Crew Cab 4D I-280 S