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The Jaguar X-Type premiered in 2001 as a compact executive car. The Jaguar X-Type, also at times called the X400, was offered with both gas and diesel engines. Both front wheel drive and all wheel drive Jaguar X-Types were also produced, and five and six speed automatic and manual transmissions were available on this model. The Jaguar X-Type was the smallest car manufactured by Jaguar, and offered both a wagon and sedan body type. The X-Type went through a number of facelifts during its history, and production of the model came to an end in 2009.

  • Jaguar X-Type Sedan 4D 2.5
  • Jaguar X-Type Sedan 4D 3.0
  • Jaguar X-Type Wagon 4D 3.0 Sportwagon
  • Jaguar X-Type Wagon 4D Sportwagon