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Are you looking to sell your Lexus CT 200h? Do you want to sell it to a buyer who will pay the best price for your vehicle and deliver exceptional service? We buy any car on the market, regardless of its shape, size or color, and we assure you an enjoyable, hassle-free experience throughout the sales process. The Lexus CT 200h valuation is available on our website, and completing it will take you very little time. Simply answer a few questions about your Lexus CT 200h, and let us give you a no-obligation quote within seconds. Let us buy your car and do all the work for you!

The Lexus CT 200h is the world’s first full-hybrid luxury compact car. The vehicle delivers a high-end full-hybrid performance, as well as extremely low CO2 emissions and great fuel efficiency. It’s fun to drive and looks superbly stylish. The model has set benchmarks for exterior superiority and interior quality, comfort and tranquility. The Lexus CT 200h comes with an attractive price that will appeal to many, and it has been specifically designed for better handling. You will easily achieve 42 MPG, which is impressive to say the least, and you will benefit from four different easily-used driving modes: normal, sport, ECO and EV. The Lexus CT 200h shares its power train with the Toyota Prius and is very reliable. The model delivers a fantastic drive on many different surfaces.

  • Lexus CT Hatchback 4D 200h Base Hybrid
  • Lexus CT Hatchback 4D 200h Premium Hybrid
  • Lexus CT Hatchback 4D 200h F Sport Hybrid