2023 Lexus LX 470

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Our mission is to get you the best value for money when you sell your Lexus LX 470 online. We’ll buy your car, no matter what the condition, age or mileage, and we aim to provide you with the fairest possible price. If you want to sell your Lexus LX 470 in one fast, safe and easy transaction, enter the details of your car into our simple form, and we’ll work with you to provide a quote for your Lexus LX 470 within a few minutes. Our staff are happy to provide you with a decent offer to buy your car immediately, and we’ll pay you cash without any hassles.

Domestic manufacturers receive a high amount of the credit for creating the demand for luxury SUVs in the U.S., but the Lexus LX 470 price and features made this early model premium SUV a real trend-setter in America. The Lexus LX 470 comes from the second generation in the elite line of luxury SUVs, and like most full-size SUVs, it used traditional method body-on-frame construction. However, it was refined to provide a more serene and comfortable ride, yet it retained more off-road capabilities than many of its competitors. This combination of brawn and luxury means that the LX 470 can handle seriously gnarly trails while fitting comfortably into the confines of a suburban neighborhood. The quality of the vehicle is undeniable, especially the fine materials that were used to construct the interior.