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Own a Lincoln MKT that you'd like to sell? We guarantee that we will buy any Lincoln MKT no matter what age, mileage or condition. Even if you think that it is beyond salvaging, we will make you an offer and you can be sure that if you use our service you will be happy, satisfied and left with extra cash in your pocket. Our service is fast and friendly, simply to use and you can have the money for your Lincoln MKT immediately. Use our valuation service to see how much you could get for your Lincoln MKT today and we are sure that you will be delighted with both our service and price offer. Sell your Lincoln MKT, you will not find a more motivated buyer.

The Lincoln MKT is a full-sized crossover utility vehicle and is classed as a luxury SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). First released in 2009 and still available today, the Lincoln MKT is a four-wheel drive, front engine model which is built on the Ford D4 platform and utilizes a 3.7 liter Cyclone V6 or 3.5 liter EcoBoost GTDI V6 engine. Designed to be more fuel-efficient than other models, the Lincoln MKT features a turbocharged gasoline direct injection system, which means that you get the fuel efficiency of a smaller engine as well as the power of a larger one. Electric power steering, ultrasonic sensors for 'Active Park Assist' come as standard, as does the six-speed transmission.

  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D 2WD
  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D AWD
  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D EcoBoost AWD
  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D Town Car AWD
  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D Town Car EcoBoost 2WD
  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D Premiere 2WD
  • Lincoln MKT Wagon 4D Reserve AWD