2021 Mazda Millenia

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The Mazda Millenia was originally intended to be part of a luxury line called Amati, but due to financial difficulties Mazda scrapped the launch of this brand and instead debuted the Millenia in 1993 as the Xedos 9 in Europe and the Eunos 800 in Japan. The car was launched as the Millenia in North America in 1995 and became the flagship Mazda sedan to replace the 929. Unlike the rear-wheel drive 929, the Millenia offered front-wheel drive to compete with cars such as the Nissan Maxima. Because the Millenia was intended as a luxury car, it offered details not available on most other Mazda models.

  • Mazda Millenia Sedan 4D
  • Mazda Millenia Sedan 4D L
  • Mazda Millenia Sedan 4D S Supercharged
  • Mazda Millenia Sedan 4D Premium