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Use our website to get a quick and easy appraisal when you want to sell your Mazda MX-6. We offer you rapid turnaround on a quote when you submit a few details about your vehicle online. We will buy your car for cash in a simple, instant transaction. Our free Mazda MX-6 valuation process only requires a little information on the condition of your vehicle, such as mileage and interior/exterior condition, that will help to determine your offer. Whether your car is brand new or past its prime, we can still make you a fair offer. Our friendly, professional appraisers are available to answer any questions during the process. We specialize in taking the stress out of selling your car by handling all the details for you. Unlike traditional dealership appraisals which are based on trading your car in for a new one, we will buy your car outright for an instant payment.

The Mazda MX-6 sports coupe is a front-wheel drive vehicle produced between 1987 and 1997. It was called the Capella and later the Atenza/Mazda6 in Japan. Mechanically speaking, the MX-6 ranks with the Mazda 626 and Ford Probe in sharing the GD and GE chassis platforms, which Ford borrowed from Mazda. In fact, the MX-6 was the replacement for the Mazda 626 sedan, and both these cars, along with the Probe, were manufactured together in joint-venture plants established by Mazda and Ford in both the US and Asia.

  • Mazda MX6 Coupe 2D DX
  • Mazda MX6 Coupe 2D GT
  • Mazda MX6 Coupe 2D LX
  • Mazda MX6 Coupe 2D GT (4WS)
  • Mazda MX6 Coupe 2D
  • Mazda MX6 Coupe 2D LS