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The Mazda Protege is a front-drive, subcompact sedan which was significantly redesigned in 1999 to incorporate European-inspired design elements. The basic four-door model was enhanced with a more powerful engine, but its interior and exterior dimensions remained much the same. The Protege was available in three versions which included the basic DX model, the well-equipped LS model and the ES sport version. The DX and LX models shared a 1.6 liter, four-cylinder 105 hp engine, while the ES boasted a 1.8 liter, 40-cylinder 122 hp engine. Five-speed manual transmission came standard on all models and the option of a four-speed automatic transmission was also available.

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  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D LX
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D SE
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D DX
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D ES
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D LX 2.0
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D MP3
  • Mazda Protege Wagon 5D 5
  • Mazda Protege Sedan 4D Mazdaspeed