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As a specialist Mercedes buyer, will buy your Mercedes SLS. Whether your car has a high mileage or is not in showroom condition, we will buy your Mercedes SLS. If you are looking to sell your Mercedes SLS then our superb customer service advisors will be the fairest and fastest Mercedes SLS buyer you can find. Finding the value of your Mercedes SLS is easy; just fill in the forms on our site for your Mercedes SLS valuation. Selling your Mercedes SLS could not be more straightforward, and the money we pay you will arrive as fast as your SLS.

If you are looking for a super-car then you need go no further. The Mercedes SLS is a rival for any other car in its class with its wonderful sporting looks and unique gull wing doors. It was important to Mercedes to revive the gull wing doors from the original Mercedes 300SL, and they have done so in style with the slight hissing of the gas struts as the doors open a warming and tireless experience. With a long, sleek bonnet hiding a brute of an engine and a wide mouth grill sucking in air, it is little wonder this super-car adorned the covers of many magazines and online games such as Gran Tourismo. The Mercedes SLS has been reported to make music, as it hums along. Cruising emits a deep, satisfying growl but when pressed into more enthusiastic action that growl turns into an exciting, fearsome roar: a NASCAR roar.